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Bio- and Neurofeedback in Sports Performance

Sports related performance factors in the brain require extremely profound
states of brain control and self-regulation and can impact skill execution and
overall performance outcomes in a wide variety of athletics during training,
competition and recovery.

Bio- and Neurofeedback have been used by athletes in every major
professional sport and by numerous Olympic teams around the world. The
Italian and US World Cup Soccer ESPN , the U.S. Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics
team and the French, Austrian, German and Swiss Olympic Nordic and Alpine
Teams prepare with Bio- and Neurofeedback to optimize the psychophysiological
management of high level athletes.

Bio- and Neurofeedback protocols for athletes center around the skills
athletes need to succeed e.g. improving hand-eye coordination, balance,
and quick, error-free decisions, mastering their emotions so that they are able
to execute their sport skills optimally under any circumstances as they pertain
to brain function and the balanced brainwaves that are required to achieve
high performance when results count under game-time pressure.

During a neurofeedback session the sophisticated neurofeedback software
converts the athlete’s brain activity into information that help the athlete
learn how to for example suppress brain activity associated with low
performance, anxiety and disruptive brain chatter and to increase brain
activity associated with optimal brain function and self-regulation. The results
are athletes that more consistently delivering their sport skills up to their full
potential, at will, and in any situation.

When Bio- and Neurofeedback are combined with Intermittent – Hypoxic-
Hyperoxia-Training (IHHT) athletes will optimize their post-workout recovery
and become more resistant to overtraining, physical reinjury and physiological
aging declines.

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